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Model Behavior With Sharon Quinn: Part 6 - How to Submit Your Photos Online or Via Mail, 7/01/2008
sharon quinn
Meet Sharon Quinn

Part 6: How to Submit Your Photos Online or Via Mail

A good part of my day consists of going through mail and online submissions from aspiring models.  Aside from the basic information (Name, Address, Contact Information), there are very specific questions that are asked on an Online or Mail in Submission form.  This information is as crucial to our decision to go forward in the meeting process as a photo is, yet it is the number one thing that aspiring models tend to OMIT from the forms when they submit.  There is usually a page on the site that tells you the TYPE of photos that you should submit as well.  I simply don't understand why models are so lax about the online submission form because there is no expiration date on it nor is there a specific time period in which you need to have it completed – you can submit online 24/7.  So you have the time you need to get it right.  Below is a list of common mistakes that most aspiring models make when submitting photographs online as well as tips to help you avoid the pitfalls of the submission process.

Your "Stats"

The information that is omitted most often is your statistics, more commonly known as your "stats". On the submission form your Stats are typically your height, weight, bust, waist and hip measurements.    I have covered the basics on getting started MANY times in this column, so I will assume that you already KNOW there's a basic height requirement necessary to even get you through the doors of a modeling agency.  Omitting the fact that you are only 5'2" on the submission form won't help you slip through the cracks, it will only show us that you are trying to deceive the agency and therefore not an honest person.

INSIDER TIP #1 – Your bust measurement is NOT the same thing as your bra size. Please, be  properly fitted for a bra, then write the bust measurement down and keep It somewhere in your files.  You will be asked this information whenever you go on a casting.  It's important to know your measurements – ALL of them.
I must ask you aspiring models an important question now:

What impression do you think you will make on the agency if you don't take the time to fill out this form properly?  There is no reason to rush this process.  Not knowing the information is absolutely, positively NO EXCUSE, because your measurements are with you EVERY DAY for the taking.  Take the time to buy a measuring tape ($3-4 dollars at most), if you don't already have one, call a friend (if you happen to be alone) and have them come over and help you take some proper measurements for yourself.  Even if the measurements are "off a little" it will put us in the ball park in figuring out what your body really looks like.  I recently received an online submission from an aspiring model who must have thought she was being "er...clever..." by putting her height (6'0") on the form and nothing else.  You know that form got automatically deleted right? 

Please don't bother fudging your measurements because they are not to your liking at the moment.  If you stretch the truth about your measurements and we call you in for an interview and you don't look anywhere CLOSE to what you put on your form...well let's just say, you have already started off on the wrong foot by not being honest.  Not good for building a business relationship.

INSIDER TIP #2 – Take the time to fill in the information on the submission form both accurately and completely.  We are not going to call you back and ask you for the missing information. Where does an incomplete form go? Unfortunately, it goes directly into the trash.




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