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Meet Cover Model Lisa Scott, 8/01/2008
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by Maddy Figueroa-Jones

Lisa Scott is bubbly, personable and the friend we would all want to have in our lives. I believe it's her personality coupled with her passion for modeling that has made her one of today's most successful plus size models.

[Maddy] How did you get started in the modeling industry?

[Lisa] I got started through an advertisement in the NY Daily newspaper for Big Beauty Agency in NY. (Please don't ever answer ads in papers girls... I was young and crazy) The owner Mary Duffy didn't sign me, but from that casting I met other girls who told me about another plus model agency called Plus Models in NY. I went there a few days later and was met by a secretary in the front waiting room. She asked to see my pictures, which were some snap shots from my high school graduation, and she told me I should consider getting a nose job and then come back. I chuckled to myself as I took my pictures back and tried to keep from laughing aloud. Even at the age of 17 I knew she was power "tripping" at being able to cut girls down and the last thing I needed or was going to get was a nose job. I left saying to myself I will never, ever pursue this crap again and subject myself to being so insulted.

On the way downstairs I ran into a woman who asked me was I leaving from the agency upstairs. I said yes and she asked to see my pictures. She told me to come back upstairs with her and I followed her to her back room office and watched the secretary shoot daggers through me. I felt like sticking out my tongue at her. Anyway the lady was Pat Swift who owned and operated Plus Models, an agency to some of the most successful models of that era including Emme, Catherine Schuller and Susan Bishop, who is the most successful fit model in the business signed with Ford Models today. Pat proceeded to pick up the phone and call client after client telling them she just discovered the most amazing girl with almond shaped eyes and full lips. In a matter of minutes I went from big nose to exotic beauty. To sum it up... it's all perception, another man's trash is another man's treasure.

[Maddy] WOW! What a story!! Did Pat send you to test for proper photos? Did she officially sign you?

[Lisa] It was a surreal moment that I will never forget! When she sent me to test (I hadn't a clue what a test was, I just knew I was doing it) and came back to her, I was told that she would get back to me. I did exactly what she said... I set up a test appointment with Butler Studios, at that time it was like a big factory house, they had all sorts of clothes and costumes and you were told what to wear. They also took care of makeup and hair the way they wanted and photographed you. I really don't have much memory of that day I just have the pictures to know I was there. I went back to Plus Model Agency, I thought I was the next big thing from what the owner told me, so I had already bought a portfolio and had some of the shots blown up to 8 x 10 size. I was ready to go!  It had to be less than 2 weeks and the owner who told me all those great things really didn't remember who I was, but she took my book and said my test was great and gave me my 1st contract. And from there it began.

[Maddy] How important was researching the industry to your development as a model?

[Lisa] Back then there was nothing to research, the internet was not available. The girls who were working weren't particularly friendly and were sort of in their own circle. The owner of the agency was determined to make her agency successful so she had evening classes about once a month on what was expected of you as a model. That is why I still carry a robe with me to this day to get my makeup done and to change at photo shoots. She taught us that along with having the right model's bag a model should be prepared with proper attire. It was invaluable info to a new model like me who was totally clueless.



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