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Tips From The Casting Director of Full Figured Fashion Week, 5/01/2010
sharon quinn
Meet Sharon Quinn


The month of May not only means the blooming of flowers but it also means that Full Figured Fashion Week™ 2010 is right around the corner.  The model submission period has expired but this is information that will be applicable for years to come and will be helpful to you no matter WHAT production you are auditioning for.


What is Full Figured Fashion Week™?


Full Figured Fashion Week™ (or FFFWeek™ for short), is the brainchild of DeVoe Signature Events CEO, Gwen DeVoe.  FFFWeek™ is the curvy alternative to New York's hugely popular (but highly discriminatory) Fashion Week in Bryant Park.  Statistics repeatedly show that over 2/3's of the world's population is now a size 14 or larger and that this particular demographic spends upwards of 40 billion dollars on retail apparel alone with the numbers are growing exponentially every year.  FFFWeek™ was created to showcase the very best of the best offerings from plus size designers and models annually.  FFFWeek™ is not your run of the mill, ordinary fashion show. 

It is an event that every plus sized model should aspire to participate in, it's not a place to begin your career as a plus sized model – FFFWeek™ is the crowning achievement you ascend to in your profession.


The submission process is a fairly easy one; you simply go to the site and find the link(s) for model submissions and click on it.  All the information you need will be there, if it isn't ready to be uploaded yet, you will probably see a notice on the site that says that it's still under construction and to check back in the future.  It means exactly what it says – "the information isn't ready to be divulged yet and when it is finalized we will make it available to you".


All that you have to do after that is:  Be patient. 


What you should NOT do is begin bombarding the producers (and anyone else that you think may be connected to the project) with emails repeatedly asking for the date of the casting and additional details. FYI:  You probably won't get an answer – you'll just have to wait anyway.


When the site is active – then you can begin the submission process.  When you click on the submission link, it will take you directly to a detailed form asking for you information and all that is required to be considered for the show.   The form will ask you for basic information:  Height, Weight, Measurements (Bust-Waist-Hip) etc.


When filling out the model information form – READ IT CAREFULLY!


Respond with the information requested and nothing else.


Do NOT send questions asking how to submit when the information is already on the site.  If the information isn't up yet – come back and submit when the site is ready to accept submissions.


FYI – Unless this is the first show that you have ever done in your life (and if that's the case – you are not ready for FFFWeek™) there is absolutely NO REASON for you to NOT know your basic measurements.  If you are familiar with walking in fashion shows or have ever been fitted for a piece of clothing at some point or another – YOU HAVE HAD SOME MEASUREMENTS TAKEN!!!  An aspiring model that is proactive and serious about her career – will ask for this information when it's happening, take note and then keep it for her records. 


If you have never had your measurements taken before, then it would behoove you to go out and buy a measuring tape and ask someone to help you take your measurements.  If you don't have your measurements available at the time you are filling out the form, make SURE that you have them when you arrive to the audition.  Nothing irks or says to a producer that you are not ready like asking for your measurements and you telling them you don't know.  You're a MODEL!!! You're SUPPOSED to know the information that will be most often asked of you!  Stay on top of your stuff!




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